Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Assholes and Elbows

On the Hour Britney Update
Britney Spears' car was towed and impounded recently. Nude photos of her were also recently sold to an Australian tabloid for a reported $57,000. She's also an oversexed piece of trailer trash with the cognitive ability of a butternut squash and will probably be the first against the wall if the revolution comes, assuming her naked corpse isn't found in a Burger King dumpster within the next year or so.

You Can't Say 'Prostitute' Without 'Protest'
The writer's strike continues... to not have any noticeable influence on my life outside of the joy of watching the entertainment industry swallow itself whole. Warner Bros. is expected to begin firings starting on Friday and the Golden Globes have been cut down to an hour long press conference and it looks like something similar might happen to the Oscars. And that, well, that would just be a darn shame.


I tried. Somehow I've been having trouble taking this all too seriously. All of these assholes have all had it too easy for too long. I'm sure they will have it easy again shortly and nothing substantial will change, but until then you can all fucking rot, the writers who want to be paid better for their shitty, formulaic work ("According the Jim" is off the air indefinitely? Boo fuckin' hoo) and the producers who green light any piece of shit they think will get a few extra chuckles and a couple extra million from the lobotomized mall rat demographic.

News Flash!
Amy Winehouse did some shit to her hair. She's also a malnourished junkie who is wasting her talent on childish excess and will soon be dead and hailed as a genius despite her overall insignificance.

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