Monday, July 24, 2006

The Death of Mirth

The Countdown to Liberation Day Continues
Jennifer Lopez turned 37 today, that much more of her wasted, parasitic life having now slipped away.

Nerd Alert
It was revealed at the latest Comic-Con that the "Spider-Man" franchise will not end with the upcoming third installment, much to the surprise of everyone who thought insanely popular things that make hundreds of millions of dollars would have no chance at longevity.

Funny Will Just Have to Take One More Hit for the Team
"Saturday Night Live" head writer Tina Fey is leaving the show to write and star in her own series. This would come as a major disappointment to fans of the SNL, if there were any. Her new show, "30 Rock," is being produced by Loren Michaels, the Dark Angel of Comedy, He Whose Very Touch Is The Purifying Antidote to All Which Brings Us Mirth.

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